Sex: Male


  • UPLB, BS Forestry, 1959
  • State University of New York, New York, MS, 1964
  • Louisana State of University, PhD, 1973

Field of Specialization:

Forestry, Wood Preservation, Wood Science


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  • Fellow, USAID, 1962-1963
  • Recipient, German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship, , 1966-1967
  • Research Assistanship, Louisiana State Univ., 1971-1973
  • Professorial Chair for Wood Preservation, SEARCA, 1976-1978
  • Conservationist Award (Silver Medal) During the 77th Anniversary of Forestry Services in the Philipp, , 1978
  • Most Outstanding Alumnus in Forestry Service, UPLBCF Alumni Association, 1982