Scientist Profile


Brian Gil S. Sarinas


Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas is recognized for his important contributions in the field of Out of 18 contenders, Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas shined during the 2015 International Research ConferenceWorkshop and Biennial Convention as he garnered the 2nd Best Paper Award held at Diversion 21 Hotel, Iloilo City, last September 18-21, 2015. Dr. Sarinas, Officer-in-Charge of the university’s Research Office, showcased his research entitled “Perspectives in Science Education of Secondary School Teachers: Basis for Development of Materials to Enhance Science Teaching”. Furthermore, Dr. Roderick R. Germo and Dr. Ma. Corazon S. Navallasca also attended the same event conducted by the National Organization of Science Teachers and Educators (NOSTE) with the theme, “Expanding Science Education Horizon through Research and Application”.