Scientist Profile


Fredegusto Guido Panganiban David

Biomedical Engineer, Outstanding Young Scientist (2012)

Expertise: Applied Mathematics (mathematical modeling),, Biomechanics (Vision, . Cardiovascular, Bone), Math Finance, Game Theory

Dr. of his outstanding research in computational biomechanics, an inter-disciplinary area that utilizes mathematical modeling and computational methods to solve significant and relevant medical and biological problems.


Associate Professor, Institute of Mathematics, UP Diliman, Quezon City

Coordinator, Computational Science Researh Center, UP Diliman, Quezon City

PhD dissertation adviser : Bladimer Ocampo, UPD

MS Thesis Adviser: Rachele Rivero, Carl Jamosin), UPD, Quezon City

Reviewer for several journals: Mathematical Reviews, Biomechanics, Modeling in Mechanobiology, etc., UPD, Quezon City


    • National Research Council of th Philippines (NRCP), Regular Member
    • Mathematical Society of the Philippines, Member
    • Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Member


    • United Coconut Life Planters Bank, Actuarial Assistant, 10/1995-6/1996
    • Mathematics Department, University of the Philippines, Instructor, 1992 Je-1995 My
    • Philippine team to the International Math Olympiad,, Trainor, 2007- present
    • BPI Science Awards (UP Diliman), Judge, 2008 and 2009
    • Philippine Math Olympiad, Judge, 2008
    • Mathematics Dept., Case Western Reserve University, Teaching Assistant
    • Mathematics Dept., Texas A & M, Teaching Assistant, 1997 S-2000 D
    • Biomedical Engineering, Texas, A&M, Research Assistant, 2001 S- 2005 Ag
    • Texas A & M University, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2005 S-2006 Ap


    • UP Centennial Faculty Grant, UP Diliman, 2008-2009
    • Outstanding Teaching Assistant, Texas A&M University, 1999
    • Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Texas A&M University, 1997-2000
    • Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Case Western Reserve, 1996-1997
    • Outstanding Young Scientist, NAST-DOST, 2013


    • Texas A & M University, College Station TX, Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering, 2005
    • Texas A & M University, College Station TX, MS Applied Mathematics, 2000
    • UP Diliman, Quezon City, MS Applied Math (Actuarial Science), 1993
    • UP Diliman, Quezon City, BS Mathematics, 1991


    • David, G., Humphrey, J.D., (2007) Finite element model of stresses in the anterior lens capsule of the eye
    • Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering Volume 10, No. 3
    • Pedrigi, R.M., David, G., Dziezyc, J., Humphrey J.D.,, (2007) Regional mechanical properties and stress analysis of the human anterior lens capsule
    • Journal of Biomechanical Engineering Volume 129
    • David, G., Pedrigi, R.M., Heistand, M.R., Humphrey, J.D.,, (2007) Regional multiaxial mechanical properties of the porcine anterior lens capsule
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    • Pedrigi, R.M., Staff, E., Glenn, S., David, G., Humphrey, J.D., (2007) Altered multiaxial mechanical properties of the porcine anterior lens capsule cultured in high glucose
    • Journal of Biomechanical Engineering Volume 129
    • Mori, D., David, G., Humphrey, J.D., Moore, J.E. Jr., (2005) Stress redistribution in a circular membrane with a central fixation.
    • Journal of Biomechanical Engineering Volume 127
    • David, G., Humphrey, J.D., (2004) Redistribution of stress due to a circular hole in a nonlinear anisotropic membrane
    • Journal of Biomechanics Volume 37
    • David, G., Humphrey, J.D.,, (2003) Further evidence for the dynamic stability of intracranial saccular aneurysms
    • Journal of Biomechanics Volume 36
    • David, G., (2009) A finite elment approach to biomechanics of visual accomodation based on non linear elasticity
    • Proceedings of the 8th Taiwn-Philippines Symposium on Analysis, Taichung, Taiwan


    • 8th Taiwan-Philippine Symposium on Analysis, 2009 O 23-25, Taichung, Taiwan
    • 4th Symposium on the Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science, 2008 Ag 4-7, UP Cebu
    • 5th Jagna International Workshop, 2008 Ja 3-5, Jagna, Bohol
    • 7th Sino-Philippine Symposium in Mathematics (Invited Speaker), 2007 O 25-27, Antipolo, Rizal
    • Faculy Upgrading for Chemistry in Higher Education (FUCHE), 2007 O 22-26, UP Diliman
    • 2005 ALCON Meeting (Speaker, Biomechanics of the Lens Capsule), 2004, Texas
    • 41st Annual SES Meeting (Speaker, On the stability of saccular aneurysm), 2004, Nebraska
    • 2nd MIT Conference on Solid and Fluid Mechanics (Speaker, Further Evidence for the stability of intr, 2003, Massachusetts Institute of Technology