Scientist Profile


Victor A. Pulmano

Engineer, Balik Scientist Awardee (2009)

Expertise: Civil Engineering

Dr. Victor Pulmano is recognized for her important contributions in the field of will be a visiting professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, DLSU-Manila during the first term SY 2009-2010 under the Balik Scientist Program (BSP) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). Dr. Pulmano's period of visit is 90 days (3 months beginning May 25, 2009). Dr. Pulmano, a resident of Australia and retired professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, is an acknowledged expert in the field of Structural Engineering particularly in structural and finite element analysis. Dr. Pulmano is expected to give lectures on graduate/undergraduate courses on Matrix Theory of Structures and Engineering Mechanics. He will be involved in the preparation of research proposals and seminar type lecture presentation on the specialized topics such as Finite Element Modeling and Analysis.