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Isagani R. Cruz

Professor Emeritus, Gawad Dangal ng Wikang Filipino (2009)

Expertise: Humanities, Literature

Dr. Isagani R. Cruz is recognized a multi-awarded and prolific poet, playwright, short-story writer, critic, educator, publisher, advocate, and Filipino. He was born in 1945. He is the former Philippine Undersecretary of Education and currently a Professor Emeritus, a University Fellow, and the Academic Publications Executive Publisher of De La Salle University, the Director of the Teachers Academy of Far Eastern University, and a Visiting Lecturer at the Ateneo de Manila University and the University of Santo Tomas. As a writer, he has received a tremendous amount of recognition for his many contributions to Philippine literature having written at edited over thirty books. Among these achievements include winning the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature numerous times and being inducted into the prestigious Palanca Hall of Fame in 2004 for his noted plays, essays, and short stories written in either Filipino or English. He also won the SEAWRITE Award in 1991, the Centennial Literary Contest Award in 1998, and the Balagtas Award in 1999. He has represented the Philippines in international conferences held in Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and many others. Cruz’s scholarly articles and studies have been published in both the Philippines and the United States. He served as the editor of Loyola Studies, Palabas, Interlock, and Malay. He has also worked and contributed regularly to Philippine periodicals such as Times Journal, TV Times, Modern Romances, Bulaklak, WHO, Parade, Observer, Panorama, and Ms. Ellaneous. Regionally, he also wrote for Asiaweek magazine. Aside from his awards for creative writing, Cruz is also well-known for his film and drama reviews.


Professor Emeritus, De la Salle University, Taft Ave., Manila


    • National Research Council of the Philippines, Member


    • Gawad Dangal ng Wikang Filipino, Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino, 2009


    • Dictionary of literary biography, edited by David Smyth. Columbia, S.C: Bruccoli Clark Layman [Completed]
    • Blackwell Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century World Fiction, edited by John Ball [Completed]
    • In good hands: The metrobank story. Makati. Studio 5 Publishing [Completed]
    • A gem of man. Makati: Allied Bank [Completed]


    • University of Maryland, USA, Ph.D., 1976


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