Scientist Profile


Emerita A. Barrenechea

Endocrinologist, Most distinguishing Filipino Physician in government (2009)

Expertise: Internal medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Endocrinology/Nuclear Medicine, Diabetes /Thyroid

Dr. Amerita A. Barrenchea, is recognized for her important contributions in the field of graduated with a Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Santo Tomas and had Residency Training in Internal Medicine-Veterans Memorial Medical Center as well as Fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism at the same hospital. She went further for a Fellowship in Nuclear Medicine-Wadsworth Veterans Administration Medical Center -West Los Angeles California, USA and became a Diplomate in Internal Medicine-1981And Diplomate in Nuclear Medicine-1991. She was the Most popular Resident in Medicine 1977 and became the Most Outstanding Resident among 12 departments at the VMMC-1980.She was Past President, Philippine Thyroid Assn (1997-99) and Past President, Philippine Society of Nuclear Medicine (2003-05) She was awarded as Outstanding President of a Specialty Society-Philippine College of Physicians 2005; Represented the Philippines in the Executive Committee of the Asia Oceania Thyroid Assn-1997 to 2005 ; became an International Atomic Energy Agency Expert for Nuclear Medicine, Diabetes and Thyroid in Asia and Africa-2000 to 2016. She was Chairman of the Research Committee and Ethics Review Board –VMMC for 20 years. She is Asst. Head, Dept. of Nuclear Medicine and Research, VMMC and Senior Consultant Staff, Nuclear Medicine, St. Luke's Medical Center She received various awards amongst which were: Dr. Jose Rizal Awardee-for Most Distinguished Filipino Physician 2007 by the Philippine Medical Assn; Research Chair awardee for Nuclear Medicine, SLMC 2011; Lifetime Achievement Award- youngest awardee during the ICRT in Manila by the World Assn of Radiopharmaceutical and Molecular Therapy for her invaluable work and contribution to the science of Nuclear medicine; Jan 15, 2015-Thomasian Outstanding Medical Alumni awards (THOMAS) recipient for Medical Research 2015 during the USTMAA anniversary UST Auditorium; March 2015-Awarded as Top Ten women leaders of the VMMC; February 5, 2016- Philippine Society of Nuclear Medicine Most Distinguished awardee for Clinical Practice and Research She was Editor for Asia, World Journal of Nuclear Medicine; Country Principal for the Promotion of PET/SPECT, United Nations Dev. Program; Secretary, World Assn of Radiopharmaceutical and Molecular Therapy-2013-15 Published work among others in Book of Radionuclide Therapy -Springer 2013 as author of a chapter in Radionuclide therapy for Hemophilic Arthropathy; And Radionuclide Therapy for Thyroid Cancer- Thyroid Book in the Philippines 2010


Assistant Head, Nuclear Medicine Chairman, Research Veteran's Memorial Medical Center, North Avenue, Quezon City

Medical Consultant, Department Nuclear Medicine, St. Luke's Medical Center 279 E. Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard Eulogio Rodriguez, Quezon City, Metro Manil

Medical Consultant, Veterans Memorial Medical Center, North Avenue Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila Department Nuclear Med. & Research Direct Line:


    • Philippine Association of Nuclear Medicine, President


    • Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Medical Consultant, 1977 F-present
    • St. Luke's Medical Center-E.Rod, Medical Doctor, 2000 S- present
    • St. Luke's Medical Center, Nuclear Medicine Dept, Senior Consultant
    • Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Nuclear medicine consultant, 1983-present
    • VMMC, Assistant Head, Nuclear Medicine, 1991 F - present


    • Awarded by PCP as PSNM President, , 2005
    • Nominated by PSNM for Outstanding Researcher, , 2005
    • Most distinguishing Filipino Physician in government, Malacanang Palace, Manila, 2009


    • Prospective Randomized Trial on Low Dose 1- 131 versus High Dose 1-131 in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer [Completed]
    • Value of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) in Thyroid Cancer [Completed]
    • Autonomous Functioning Thyroid Adenoma (AFT A)-Treatment Options [Completed]
    • Comparative Evaluation of Radiosynovectomy Using Radionuclides versus Steroids in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hemophilic Arthropathy. [On-going]

Papers Presented

    • Autonomous Functioning Thyroid Adenoma (AFT A), Therapeutic Options, Cyprus
    • Thyroid Cancer, Cyprus
    • Radiosynovectomy, Vienna, Cyprus
    • Value of Positron Emisssion Tomography in TCA with Thyroglobulin but negative Whole Body Scan, BKK, Cyprus
    • Nuclear Medicine Update, Singapore
    • Therapeutic Options in the Management of Autonomously Functioning Thyroid Adenomas, The International Conference on Radiopharmaceutical Therapy held in Limassol, Cyprus
    • The Value of PET in DTC with Negative WBS but with Elevated Thyroglobulin Levels, The International Conference on Radiopharmaceutical Therapy held in Limassol, Cyprus
    • Comparative Evaluation of the Efficacy of Radiosynovectomy with Conventional Intra-articular Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Haemophilic Arthropathy (CERAHA), The International Conference on Radiopharmaceutical Therapy held in Limassol, Cyprus
    • Prospective Randomized Trial for the Evaluation of the Efficacy of Low vs High Dose I-131 for Post Operative Remnant Ablation in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer, The International Conference on Radiopharmaceutical Therapy held in Limassol, Cyprus
    • The Value of PET in DTC with Negative WBS but with Elevated Thyroglobulin, The 4th Asian Regional Cooperative Council in Nuclear Medicine General Meeting, held at the Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


    • University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Doctor of Medicine, 1975
    • University of Santo Tomas, Espana, Manila, B.S. Pre-Medicine, 1967-1971
    • University of Santo Tomas, España, Manila, Doctor of Medicine, 1971-1975
    • PET and Cyclotrons-KOICA, Seoul, Korea, Fellowship Training, 2005 Ag 25- S 14


    • (2005) several lectures and articles
    • IAEA Journal
    • Barrenechea, E.A, (2009 O) Regional editor for Asia
    • World Journal of Nuclear Medicine Volume 8, No. 4


    • Preceptorship in Diabetes Mellitus, UCLA, 1988-1989
    • Fellowship in Nuclear Cardiology, International Atomic Energy Agency Grant, Veterans Administration
    • Intensive Post-Graduate Course in Diabetes Mellitus A, Capitol Medical Center
    • Radioisotope Technique Training Course (Medical), Philippine Atomic Energy Commission
    • Post Graduate Course in Clinical Pharmacology, 1986 Ap, UP–Philippine General Hospital
    • Radioimmunoassay Workshop Seminar, 1985 D 3-6, Philippine Atomic Energy Commission
    • Fellowship in Nuclear Medicine, 1983 My- 1985 My, Veterans Memorial Medical Center
    • Fellowship in Endocrinology, 1980 Mr-1982 Mr, Veterans Memorial Medical Center
    • Post Graduate Course in Diabetes Mellitus, Philippine Columbian Complex
    • Residency in Internal Medicine, 1980, Veterans Memorial Medical Center
    • Rural Training, 1976 Je-D, Malacañan Clinic, Manila, Philippines
    • Medical Internship, 1975 Ap-1976, Veterans Memorial Medical Center
    • The Medical Applications of PET and Cyclotrons and Radioisotopes, 2005 Ag 24-S 13, Seoul, Korea
    • The Value of PET in DTC with Negative WBS but with Elevated Thyroglobulin, St. Luke's Medical Center