Scientist Profile


Zenaida Gutay Baoanan

Associate Professor, UP Baguio

Expertise: Biological Sciences, Systematics, Malacology, Invertebrate Taxonomy

A specialist in ecology and systematics (taxonomy), Dr. Zenaida Baoanan's work revolves mostly on snails, especially cone snails and golden apple snails taxonomy and population variability. Her research finds applications in biodiversity, zoology, and malacology.


Associate Professor 2, Dept. of Biology, College of Science, UP Baguio, Baguio City

Consultant / Undergraduate Adviser, University of the Philippines Baguio


    • National Research Council of the Philippines, Regular Member


    • UP Scientist 1 Award, Scientific Productivity System, University of the Philippines Diliman, 2011-2013
    • International Publication Award 2011, Philippine Agricultural Scientist, 2011


    • Documentation of terrestrial gastropods in Benguet Province, Philippines [Completed]
    • Conchological and anatomical studies of selected Philippine cone snails [Completed], Ph.D. Dissertation
    • Ecological and Hydrologic Survey of Selected Communities in Tinglayan, Kalinga [Completed]
    • Exploring the molluscan fauna of Mt. Polis, Central Cordillera Range [Completed], March 2008 - February 2009
    • Micro-geographic populations, habitat differences, and heritability of shapes and allometry of Pomacea [Completed]
    • Pila sp collection from various parts of the Philippines [Completed]
    • UPS Creative and Research Scholarship Program: Exploring the Molluscan Fauna of Mt. Polis, Central Cordillera Range [Completed]

Papers Presented

    • Exploring molluscan biodiversity of Mt. Polis: A preliminary report, 4th National Macological Society of the Philippines, held at the Institute of Biology, College of Science, UP Diliman, Quezon City
    • Understanding the Biology of cone snails for developing conservation strategies, Pampanga Agricultural College. Networking for Nature Conservation
    • Cone snail: A Model for Statistical Studies BCNHS Domogan Laboratory, Statistical Methods in Teaching and Research
    • Plenary Talk on Climate Change Effect on Natural Resources and Ecology: A Case Study on the Effect to Molluscan Population and its Impact to Ecological Dynamics. (Security in Developing Countries), International seminar on “Natural Resources, Climate Change, and Food", Surabaya, Indonesia
    • Land Snail diversity of Mt. Polis, Central Cordillera Range, Luzon Island, Philippines, International seminar on “Natural Resources, Climate Change, and Food Security in Developing Countries”, Surabaya, Indonesia
    • COI barcodes demonstrate lack of genetic variation in the native Pila conica and the high genetic variability in the introduced Pomacea canaliculata, 5th Annual Scientific Conference of the Philippine Society for the Study of Nature-Cordillera Administrative Region Chapter with the theme “Strategies Towards the Conservation and Restoration of Natural Resources, Benguet State University, Philippines


    • University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Doctor of Philosophy in Biology, 2007


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