Scientist Profile


June Prill-Brett

Antropologist, Professor Emeritus (2004)


Dr. June Prill-Brett is recognized Doing anthropology in the Cordillera Region would not be complete without a review of the voluminous body of works produced by Professor Emeritus June Prill-Brett, one of the country’s first “native” anthropologists. A Bontok, she has extensively researched on the Cordillera for more than thirty years Dr. Prill-Brett kindled our interest in the Bontok way of life with her monograph on Bontok warfare and the peace pact institution, and papers on ritual life and agricultural practices. She has also provided us with a glimpse of the unusual in her description of a jar burial as well as the phenomenon of splayed feet among the mountain peoples. Her “Survey of Cordillera Indigenous Political Institutions” revealed differences in political structures among the major ethnolinguistic groups in the Cordillera.providing nuanced knowledge of the ways these groups were organized. The Bontok scholar has also informed us of indigenous notions of resource management Through her documentation of practices in the access and management of resources and conflicts and issues arising from the intrusion of agricultural commercialization and of state law into indigenous lifeways, she has brought to our attention the conflict between indigenous customary law and state policies. Her idea of considering local structures like the “ili” in determining ancestral domains or the impossibility of transforming local institutions like the “bodong” into regional bodies has been integrated in the IPRA. The demand for Dr. Brett’s expertise has not waned even with her retirement. Aspiring graduate students, local and foreign, still seek her out for her deep knowledge of Cordillera culture.


    • Professor Emeritus, University of the Philippines, 2004 S 30


    • The Interaction of State Law 'and Customary Law in Natural Resource Management in the Northern Philippines. [Completed]
    • Contested Domains: The Indigenous Peoples' Rights Act and Legal Pluralism in the Northern Philippines. [Completed]
    • Main Proponent. Indigenous Warfare, Customary Law, and Legal Pluralism in the Cordillera, Northern Philippines. Potentia no Illusorio Professorial Chair Award. [On-going]


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