Scientist Profile


Carmen C. Velasquez

National Scientist (1983), NAST Academician


Dr. Carmen Velasquez's contributions to science include thirty-two new species and one new genus of digenetic trematodes from Philippine food fishes, two from birds and five from mammals; nine life cycles of trematodes of the family Transversotrematidae, Echinostromatidae, Notocotylidae (2), Plagiorchidae, Heterophyidae (2), Microphallidae and Philophtalmidae. In addition, two new species of nematodes from Philippine fishes and a new species of Capillaria from the intestine of man. Also, a new species of parasitic copepod in Glossogobius giurus (Goby). Most of these works are published in international journals and cited in a number of journals abroad. Dr. Velasquez is recipient to numerous academic honors and Presidential awards. She is listed in the American Men and Women of Science, International Scholars Directory, International Who's Who of Intellectuals and World Who's Who of Women.


Assoc. Prof, Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of the Phil


    • Phil. Society of Parasitology, Secretary
    • American Society of Parasitologists, Member
    • Phil. Assoc. of Univ. Women U. P. Chapter, Member
    • Phi Kappa Phi, Member
    • Phi Sigma Biological Home Society, Member
    • Sigma Xii Indian Academy of Science, Member
    • National Research Council of the Phil, Member
    • Helminthological Society of Washington, Member
    • Ecological Society of America, Member
    • Phil. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, Member


    • Instructor to Asst. Prof. of Zoology, Univ. of the Phil, 1939 - present
    • Univ. of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, Professorial lecturer, 1958
    • Biological Division, National Institute of Science and Technology, Consultant
    • Cadang-cadang Research Project, Consultant
    • Subcommittee, Commission on Science, International Congress on Rizal, Member
    • NSDB Survey Team for Upgrading Science Teaching in the Ph1l1ppines, Member, 1961 - 1963
    • Writing Team and Steering Committee for Biology Curriculum, Graduate College of Education, UP, Member


    • Barbour scholar, Univ. of Michigan, 1937
    • Phi Sigma Award, Alpha Chi Chapter, Univ. of the Phil, 1953
    • Fellow, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1957-1958, 1963
    • Research Grant Award, U. S. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare, National Institute of Health, Bethseda, Maryland, 1959-1963


    • UP, B.S, 1934
    • Univ. of Michigan, M.S, 1937
    • UP, Ph.D, 1954


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    • Natural and Applied Science Bulletin Volume 11/3-4
    • Velasquez, C.C., (1954 Jl-S) Studies on resistance and dissemination of Ascaris ova for the control of Ascaris infection in rural districts
    • Natural and Applied Science Bulletin Volume 14/3
    • Velasquez, C.C., (1968) Notes on Azygia pristipomai Tubangui., the genus Azygia and related genera (Digenea: Azyglidae
    • Helminthological Society of Washington Volume 26
    • Velasquez, C.C., (1958) Transversotrema laruei, a new trematode of Philippine fish (Digeneas Transversotrematidae)
    • American Journal of Parasitology Volume 44
    • Velasquez, C.C., (1959) Some fish-carried parasites in the Philippines
    • Phi Sigma Bulletin
    • Velasquez, C.C., (1959) Studies on the family Bucephalidae, Poche 1907 from Phil. food fishes
    • American Journal of Parasitology Volume 45
    • Velasquez, C.C., (1959 S) Studies on parasites of Phil. edible fishes: I
    • Phil. Journal of Science Volume 88/3
    • Velasquez, C.C., (1961) Further studies on Transversotrema laruei Velasquez with observation on the life cycle
    • American Journal of Parasitology Volume 47/1
    • Quisumbing, E., Canuto, M.G., Uichanco, L., Velasquez, C.C., (1961 D 4-8) Rizal as a naturalist
    • International Congress on Rizal
    • Velasquez, C.C., (1962 N-D) Nematodes associated wtih cadang-cadang infected coconuts
    • Journal of the Phil. Pharmaceutical Association Volume 48/11-12


    • Fifteenth International Congress of Zoology, 1958, London
    • Colloqium on Zoological Nomenclature, 1958, London
    • International Congress on Rizal, 1961, Manila
    • Eighth Pacific Science Congress, 1953, Quezon City