Scientist Profile


Glenn D. Aguilar

Computer Graphics, UP Scientific Productivity System (2007)

Expertise: University Administration and Management, Naval Architecture, Computer Graphics

Dr. Glenn D. Aguilar is recognized for his important contributions in the field of Geographic Information Systems. Dr. Glenn Aguilar is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental and Animal Sciences of the Unitec Institute of Technology. His research and teaching interests include Geographic Information Systems and its applications in biodiversity conservation and animal management, climate change modelling, species distribution modelling, risk assessment, citizen science and agent based design and modelling. He joined Unitec in 2010 to handle the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) courses offered by the Department of Natural Sciences. He has a Doctor of Engineering from the University of Tokyo, an MS Engineering from the University of Washington and a BSc Fisheries from the University of the Philippines. While teaching at the College of Fisheries and Ocean Science of the University of the Philippines Visayas, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue GIS research at Oregon State University in 2004.