Scientist Profile


Samuel T. Mancebo

Agriculture and Forestry, Most Outstanding Alumni Awardee (2004)

Expertise: Agriculture and Forestry

Dr. Samuel T. Mancebo (PhD, is recognized for his important contributions in the field of Agriculture and Forestry agricultural education, 1979) is College of Agriculture’s Distinguished Alumnus for Agricultural Education and Management. He is a retired professor of UPLB College of Public Affairs and Adviser of the SEARCA Fellows Association of the Philippines.


Scientists, Institute of Community Education, College of Public Affairs, UP Los Banos, College, Laguna


    • National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP), Member
    • CASCADE Impact AssessmentStudies, Coffey Philippines, Agricultural Product Expert
    • ASEAN Regional Training on Self Employment for the Out of School Youth, Training Consultant, Hanoi, Vietnam


    • CASCADE, Agricultural Prod.Expert, 2003 N-2004 Mr
    • School Youth, Hanoi, Vietnam, Training Consultant, 2002
    • Regional/National Workshops (National Pluralistic Extension Agenda and Program Development, DA-ATI, Extension Expert, 2003 F 27-Je 19


    • Most Outstanding Alumni Awardee, Samar National School, 2004 S 23


    • Utilization of IT-based Services and Communication Technology Media By End-Users of Agricultural Research and extension Works in the Philippines [Completed]
    • Evolvement of local inst.initiatives for subsistence living in a Phil.coconut coastal community [Completed]
    • Interdependence of Access,use and control of land and water based resources in selected agro-ecological phil.areas [Completed]
    • Diagnosing the interplay of determinants of poverty incidence in selected rurban communities in regions IV & V [On-going]

Papers Presented

    • Utilization of IT Based Services and Communication Technology Media by End Users of Agricultural Research and Extension Works in the Philippines, AFITA/WLLA Joint Congress on IT Agriculture, Bangkok, Thailand
    • Shifting the Paradigm of Agroforestry Education in a Postmodern Philippine Society, 1st National Agroforestry Congress, Leyte State University
    • A Framework for Envolving a Pluralistic National Extension Agenda, DA-ATI Consultations, Diliman, Quezon City
    • Developing a Curriculum (DACUM): Concepts, Process and Applications Revised, CHED Workshop Series on Core Competencies in Engineering Agric. Fisheries, Achitecture, Agribus & Food Tech. Education
    • Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental and Ethical Concepts for Enriching a Postmodernist Agriculture Education, PASSAGE, Aklan State University


    • Mancebo, S.T., (2003) Best practice for education and training of rural youth: Lessons from Asia
    • FAO, Bangkok
    • Mancebo, S.T., (2003) Community based participatory planning and development: A Trainors Manual
    • UPLB-ICE