Scientist Profile


Wilfredo I. Jose

Outstanding Chemical Engineer of the Year Award (1987)

Expertise: Process Equipment Design, Biochemical Engineering, Fermentation Technology, Solar Energy Utilization

Dr. Wilfredo I. Jose is recognized, PhD (DocWillyJoe) is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the College of Engineering, University of the Philippines where he teaches several graduate and undergraduate courses. Prof. Jose obtained his BS Chemical Engineering at the Mapua Institute of Technology in 1969, MS Chemical Engineering from the University of the Philippines in 1976, and M. Phil. and PhD from Rutgers University in 1983 and 1984, respectively. He placed first in the Chemical Engineering Board Examination in 1969 and was conferred the Outstanding Chemical Engineer of the Year Award in 2007 by the Professional Regulations Commission.


Sr. Research Engineer, 1978-79, UP Industrial Engineering Center, Diliman, Quezon City

Assistant Professor, 1977-87, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

Chairman and Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of he Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City


    • Philippine Journal of Coconut Studies, Board of Editorial Consultants
    • National Science Researcher Committee, University of the Philippines, Member
    • College of Energy and Environment Engineering Steering Committee, University of the Philippines, Member
    • Asian Confederation of Chemical Engineering, Executive Director
    • National Institute of Science and Technology, Consultant, Citric Acid Project
    • Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers, Member
    • National Research Council of the Philippines, Regular Member
    • Philippine Association for the Advancement of Science, Member
    • Philippine Society for Microbiology, Member


    • University of the Philippines, Assistant Professor, 1977-1987
    • UP Industrial Research Center, Senior Research Engineer, 1976-1979
    • Solar Ice Plant Project, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Design and Research Engineer, 1976
    • U.P. Industrial Research Center, Associate Research Engineer, 1974-1976
    • University of the Philippines, Instructor in Chemical Engineering, 1974-1976
    • Research and Development Center, AFP, Confidential Technical Assistant, 1970-1974


    • Outstanding Young Scientist (Chemical Engineering), National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST)-DOST, Philippines, 1987
    • UNDP-UNESCO Fellowship, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, 1980-1983
    • Outstanding Researcher, University of the Philippines, 1986-87
    • Professorial Chair Holder, University of the Philippines, 1978
    • University Scholarship, University of the Philippines, 1972-1973
    • Graduate Scholarship, UP-NSDB, 1972-1974
    • Mapua Scholarship Gold medal for Academic Excellence, Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT), 1969
    • Cum Laude BS Che. E., MIT, 1969
    • Academic Scholarship, MIT, 1963-1969
    • National Association of Mapua Alumni Scholarship, MIT, 1963


    • Treatment of a Phenolic Wastewater with Cultured Bacteria [Completed]
    • Enhanced Biogas Production from Swine Wastes [Completed]
    • A Novel-microbial Film Bioreactor for Biogas Production from Liquid Wastes [Completed]
    • Stagewise Stirred Column Fermentor for Ethanol Production [Completed]
    • A Plant Cell Porous-tube Bioreactor [Completed]
    • Development of a Model for the Waste Utilization Value [Completed]
    • Coconut Shell Charcoal as Packing Material for Distillation Columns, Absorbers and Demisters [Completed]
    • Geothermal Steam Treatment of Coconut Coir Dust [Completed]
    • A Cure for Lactose Intolerance [Completed]
    • Freeze Concentration of Coconut Water [Completed]
    • Local Fabrication of Research Equipment [Completed]
    • Charcoal-fired Drier with a Novel Furnace Design [Completed]
    • Rapid Steam Hydrolysis of Ligno-cellulose Wastes [Completed]
    • A New Configuration for Silver-zinc Batteries [Completed]
    • The Use of Hollow Cartridge as Bioreactor for Plant Cells [Completed]
    • Solar Vacuum Drier [Completed]
    • Silver Iodide Pyrotechnic Dispenser for an Aircraft [Completed]
    • Irradiation of Selected Industrial Wastes [Completed]
    • Selective Surfaces for Solar Energy Collection [Completed]
    • The Effect of Oxidizer-fuel Ratio on Some Characteristics of a Silver Iodide Pyrotechnic for Cloud Seeding [Completed]
    • Local Manufacture of Solid Rocket Fuel [Completed]

Papers Presented

    • Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Schemes, PCAPI Symposium and Annual Meeting, Manila
    • Performance of a Charcoal-Fired Drier, Manila International Symposium on the Development and Management of Energy Resources, Manila
    • Typical State-of-the-Art Researches and Applications of Environmental Biotechnology in the Philippines, 2nd ASEAN Science and Technology Week, Manila
    • Bioreactors Designed for Ease of Scale-up, 10th Annual Scientific Meeting, National Academy of Science and Technology, Manila
    • Steam Pretreatment of Coconut Coir Dust, Regional Training Workshop on Bioenergy, Bangkok, Thailand
    • Fundamentals of Biomass Hydrolysis, Regional Training Workshop on Bioenergy, Bangkok, Thailand
    • New Engineering Uses of Coconut Shell, PICHE Journal, 49th PIChE National Convention Issue
    • Rapid Steam Hydrolysis of Waste Coconut Coir Dust, 1987 UPERDFI Professorial Chair Lecture in Waste Utilization
    • The Waste Utilization Value, 4th APCChE Congress, Singapore
    • New Engineering Uses of Coconut Shell, Professorial Chair Lecture in Waste Utilization
    • Fabrication of Low-Cost Research Equipment for Biotechnology , Asia-Pacific Biotechnology Congress, Manila
    • Sucrose Hydrolysis and Phenolics Production by Daucus Carota Entrapped in Hollow Fiber Reactors, World Congress III, Chemical Engineering, Tokyo, Japan
    • Promoting Waste Utilization Consciousness by Using the Waste Utilization Value, 1985 UPERDFI Professorial Chair Lecture in Waste Utilization
    • Immobilization of Plant Cells in a Hallow Fiber Reactor, Biochemical Engineering III, Ann. N.Y. Acad. Science
    • Immobilized PLant Cells for the Production of Biochemical Compounds, AIChE Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, Ca., U.S.A.
    • Immobilized Plant Cells as Source of Biochemical, IV Congresso Nacional de Ingenieria Bioquimica, Mexico City
    • Silver Iodide Pyrotechnics for Artificial Rain Stimulation - Local Manufacture and Methods of Dispensing, Weekly Research Seminar Workshops with the Multi-media, University of the Philippine Office of Research Coordination, UP Diliman


    • Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, Ph.D. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, 1984
    • Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, M. S. in Phil. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, 1982
    • Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila, B.S.Chemical Engieering, 1969
    • University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, M.S. Chemical Engineering, 1976


    • Jose, W.I. , (1984 Je) Plant cell cultures: Some applications and a proposed new bioreactor system
    • Philippine Engineering Journal
    • Jose, W.I., () Typical state of the art applications of Biotechnology in wastewater treatment
    • Philippine Engineering Journal
    • Jose, W.I. , (1986 D 17) New engineering uses of coconut shell
    • Professorial Chair Lecture in Waste Utilization
    • Jose, W.I., (1985 D) A new silver-zinc batter configuration: The use of a rotating vertical zinc electrode in the charging cycle
    • Philippine Engineering Journal Volume 6, No. 2
    • Jose, W.I. , (1986 D) The waste utilization value - An original index for evaluation of wastes
    • Philippine Engineering Journal Volume 7, No. 2
    • Jose, W.I., Salvacion, J., (1988 Jl) On improving the Chemical Engineering Education in the Philippines
    • Philippine Engineering Journal
    • Jose, W.I., Pedersen, H., Chin, C.K. , (1983) Immobilization of plant cells in a Hallow fiber reactor
    • Biochemical Engineering III, Annals of New York Academy of Science, USA


    • Regional Training Workshop in Bioenergy, 1988 F 22-28, Bangkok, Thailand
    • AIChE Summer Meeting, 1987 Ag, Mineapolis, Minnesotta, USA
    • 194th ACS National Meeting, 1987 Ag 30-S 4, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
    • Study Tour on Biomass Energy, 1987 Ag 14-S 13, USA
    • World Congress III, Chemical Engineering, 1986 S, Tokyo, Japan
    • Exchange Scientist, 1986 S 1-28, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JSPS-NSTA Program, Tokyo, Japan