Scientist Profile


Aurora G. Corpuz

Expertise: Family Development, Child Development, Family Relations


Dean, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City


    • Philippina Association of University Women, Member
    • Philippine Home Economics Association, Member/Board of directors
    • University Cultural Presentations Commissions, Member
    • Zonta International, Quezon City Chapter, Member
    • Philippine Association of Technical Assistance Participants, Member
    • Philippine Foundation for Rehabilitation of the Disabled Inc., Member/Board of directors


    • Oas Elementary School, Elementary School Teacher, 1945 - 1946
    • UP Iloilo, Instructor, 1949 - 1952
    • UP College of Education, Diliman, Instructor, 1952 - 1961
    • UP College of Home Economics, Diliman, Instructor, 1961 - 1962
    • none, Assistant Professor, 1962 - 1968
    • none, Acting Secretary, 1963 - 1969
    • none, Associate Professor, 1969 - 1973
    • Dept. of Family life and Child Development, Acting Chairman, 1970
    • none, Dean, 1970
    • none, Full Professor, 1973


    • One of the 12 Most outstanding Women in the Philippines, Federacion international de Abogades, 1979
    • AGAS Award (Outstanding Award in the Field of Education), Sangguniang Bayan and the Council of Leaders, Oas, Albay, 1980
    • Recipient, Most Outstanding mothers Award, Aling insiang gintong Ina Association, 1982
    • Kagitingan Award, none, 1982
    • Ilaw ng Karunungan Award, Philippine Fulbright Scholars Association, 1983


    • UP, Diliman, BSE, 1949
    • Univ. of Massachussetts, MS, 1955
    • UP, Diliman, D.Ed, 1969


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    • Presented at the 1st Regional Home economics Seminar, Tokyo, Japan
    • Corpuz, A.G., (1983) Home economics: its urgency in nation building
    • Presented at the CODHHEP Annual Convention, Quezon City
    • Corpuz, A.G., (1983) Professional home economics association in the Philippines: roles and activities
    • Read at the 1st Regional Home Economics Seminar, Osaka, Japan


    • On Management and Role of Women in Development, 1976, Washington D.C.
    • Rural Life Improvement in SEA, 1978, Tokyo, Japan
    • New Approaches to Education of Pre-School Children, 1978, Bangkok, Thailand
    • Orientation training Progrea on Population, 1981, Washington D.C.