Scientist Profile


Felipe P. Catangui

Expertise: Medical Entomology, Medical Entomology


Entomology Adviser, Malaria eradication Service, Ministry of Health, Tayuman St., San Lazaro Compund, Manila


    • Philippine Society of Parasitology, Member
    • Philippine FAO Fellow Association, Member
    • Philippine Association of Entomologist Inc., Member
    • NRCP, Associate Member
    • PHILAAS, Member


    • Departement of Health, Bureau of research Laboratorist, Div. of Malaria, Manila, Casual, 1955 - 1956
    • none, Entomologist, 1956
    • Dept. of Helath, Malaria Eradication Service, San Lazaro Compound, Manila, Research Entomologist, 1960 - 1966
    • MOH Malaria Eradication Service, San Lazaro Compound, Manila, Entomology Advicer, 1967


    • UPLB-CA, BS Agriculture, 1955
    • Institute of Medical Research School of Applied Parasitology and Entomology, KL, Malaysia, Diploma in Applied Parasitology & Entmology, 1971


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    • Unpublished
    • Catangui, F.P., (1971) Studies on the gonotrophic cycle of Anopheles minimus flavirostris and the application of physiological age grading technique on the same species
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    • Advance Malaria Entomology, 1959 - 1960, East Africa Malaria Institute and Vector Borne Diseases
    • Malaria Entomology, 1963, Univ. of Malaya, Dept. of Zoology, Malaysia
    • Applied Parasitology and Entomology, 1971, Institute for Medical Research, KL, Malaysia
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