Scientist Profile


Florentino O. Tesoro

Expertise: Forestry, Wood Preservation, Wood Science


Director, Forest Products Research and Development Institute, NSTA, College, Laguna


    • American Wood Preserver's Association, USA, Member
    • Forest Products Research Foundation, Member
    • Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture, Member
    • NRCP, Member
    • PHILAAS, Member
    • Philippine Wood Preservers Association, Member
    • Society of the Sigma Xi, Syracuse Chapter, Member
    • Society of Wood Science and Technology, USA, Member
    • Xi Sigma Pi, Louisana State Univ., Member
    • Philippine Forest Research Society, Member


    • WST/UPLBCF, Dept. Chairman, 1968 - 1969
    • FORD/PCARRD, Assistant Director, 1979 - 1982
    • FORI, Assistant Director, 1980 - 1982
    • FPRDI, Director, 1982


    • Fellow, USAID, 1962-1963
    • Recipient, German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship, , 1966-1967
    • Research Assistanship, Louisiana State Univ., 1971-1973
    • Professorial Chair for Wood Preservation, SEARCA, 1976-1978
    • Conservationist Award (Silver Medal) During the 77th Anniversary of Forestry Services in the Philipp, , 1978
    • Most Outstanding Alumnus in Forestry Service, UPLBCF Alumni Association, 1982

Papers Presented

    • Properties and uses of Philippine softwoods, Philippine Forest Research Society Symposium on Philippine Connifers
    • Wood quality and utilization of Philippine plantation species: mahogany., IUFRO Conference, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines
    • Efficacy of non-pressure treatments of bamboo againts powder post battles., IUFRO Congress, Los Baños, Laguna
    • Review of the non-timber forest products research in the Philippines, 1st PCARR Forestry Research Congress, Baguio City
    • Recent Development in the utilization processing of non-timber forest products, PFRS-SFF Convention, College, Laguna
    • Seasoning and Preservation of non-timber cellulosic construction materials, Proceedings, 1st PCARR Forestry Research Congress, Baguio City
    • Transition to Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation in the Philippines , Transition to Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation: The Enabling Environment and Roadmap, Beijing, China


    • UPLB, BS Forestry, 1959
    • State University of New York, New York, MS, 1964
    • Louisana State of University, PhD, 1973


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    • Unpublished
    • Tesoro, F. O, (1965) Differentiation of sapwood and heartwood of treated apitong (Dipterocarpus spp.) by color indicators
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    • Unpublished
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    • Read at the National and Technology Convention, Manila
    • Garcia, P. Castella, R. C. Tesoro, F. O, (1969) Effects of poor preservatives on the gluing properties of magabuyo (Celltis luzonica Warb.)veneer
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    • Unpublished
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    • Unpublished
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    • Proceedings, AWPA
    • Tesoro, F. O, (1973) Factors affecting the flow of gas and lliquid in softwoods and hardwoods
    • Louisana State University
    • Tesoro, F. O, (1973) On wood preservation
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    • Choong, E T. Tesoro, F. O Manwiller, F.G, (1974) Permeability of twenty-two small diameter hardwoods growing on southern pine sites
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    • Pterocarpus Volume 1(0)
    • Tesoro, F.O., (1975) Preservative treatment by pressure processes of all timber products.
    • PHILSA Standards Volume 104:
    • Tesoro, F. O Choong, E. T, (1976) Relationship of longitudinal permeability to treatability of wood
    • HOLZFORSCHUNG Volume 30(3)
    • Tesoro, F. O, (1977) Permeability of wood
    • SEARCA Professorial Chair Lecture, College Laguna
    • Tesoro, F.O., Bello, E.D., Pollisco, F.S., (1978) Forest Products and industries in the Philippines
    • A Manuscript of Textbook in Forest Products
    • Tesoro, F O, (1978) Wood preservation: a tool for rural development
    • Forestry Digest Volume 5(2)
    • Tesoro, F O, (1982) FPRDI's program of technology transfer in the regions
    • FORPRIDE Digest Volume 11(1-3)
    • Tesoro, F. O, (1983) Variation in the longitudinal permeability of Benguet pine and Mindoro pine
    • NRCP Research Bulletin Volume 38(1)
    • Tesoro, F.O. Uday, J.U., (1990) Properties and uses of some Philippine woods.
    • FPRDI Library, College, Laguna


    • Practical Training in Wood Preservation, 1966 - 1967, Germany
    • Management of Agricultural Research Training, 1980, Washington, D. C.
    • Career Executive Service Development Program, 1980 - 1981, DAP