Scientist Profile


Gil S. Jacinto

Marine Chemistrist, Outstanding Young Scientist (1994)

Expertise: Marine Chemistry, Chemistry

Dr. Gil Jacinto is recognized of his pioneering work in chemical oceanography particularly on nutrients and trace elements in sea water and marine sediments.


Professor, Marine Science Institute, Velasquez Street, University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City 1101, Philippines


    • Inter-agency Commitee on Marine Environmental Protection, Member
    • Aquatic Resources Management and Oceanography Consultative, Member
    • National Power Corporation, Consultant
    • Pilipinas Shell Corp, Consultant
    • Marine Coastal Environment of Isabel, Leyte, Inc, Consultant, Test Consultants
    • UNEP/COBSEA, Consultant
    • Primemovers of Asia, Inc, Consultant, Environmental
    • Primemovers of Asia, Consultant, Environmental
    • Research and Environmental Assessment of Calauag Bay, Consultant
    • Shell Philippines Exploration, Consultant
    • DENRUSAID, Consultant
    • GESAMP, Consultant
    • Association of South East Asia on Marine Science (ASEAMS), Member
    • Philippine Association of Marine Science (PAMS), Member
    • National Reserach Council of the Philippines (NRCP), Member


    • Marine Research Office University of San Carlos, Research Assistant, 1976
    • Marine Science Center University of the Philippines, Research Assistant, 1976-1980
    • Marine Science Center University of the Philippines, Senior Research Asst., 1981-1984
    • Marine Science Institute University of the Philippines, Research Associate, 1984-1988
    • Marine Science Institute University of the Philippines, Assistant Professor, 1988-1993
    • Marine Science Institute University of the Philippines, Associate Professor, 1993
    • Marine Science Institute University of the Philippines, Deputy Director, 1990


    • Outstanding Young Scientist (Marine Chemistry), NAST-DOST, 1994
    • One of Ten Outstanding Graduates, University of San Carlos, Cebu City, 1976
    • Ph.D. Fellowship, United Nations Development Programme, 1985-1988
    • Most Outstanding Alumnus in the Field of Marine Chemistry , University of San Carlos, Cebu City , 1993


    • Nutrient fluxes and energetics in coral reefs [Completed]
    • Seaweeds and invertebrates (Philippines) [Completed]
    • Studies on heavy metal contaminations in selected Mariculture Sites [Completed]
    • Hydrographic studies of Manila Bay in relation to red tide episodes [Completed]
    • Nutrient and carbon biogeochemistry of the Sulu Sea [Completed]

Papers Presented

    • Synthesis of the Marine Physical Sciences Workshop, Sythesis Workshop on Marine Science Programs in the Quezon City, Philippines
    • The Ice-ice Problem in Seaweeds Farming, 10th International Seaweed Symposium
    • The Ice-ice Problem in Seaweed Farming , Report on the Training Course on Gracilaria Algae, South China Sea Fisheries Development and Coordinating Programme, Manila
    • Report on the Partitioning of Elements in Cores from Atlantic Abyssal Plains, Joint Research Centre
    • Some Further Considerations on the Environmental Impact of OTEC, GESAMP Working Group on Marine Pollution Implications of Ocean Energy Development Rome, Italy
    • Determination of nitrogen and phosphorus in tropical coastal waters, Workshop on Energy Transfer and Nutrients Fluxes
    • Polar Ice-cap Variations, Sea-level Changes and Coastal Flooding-changes over Geological Ages , Symposium/Workshop on Global Warming, Quezon, City
    • Copper and Mercury in the Coastal Waters and Sediments of Toledo, Cebu, 1st National Symposium on Marine Science
    • Trace Element Concentrations in Marine Sediments Around a Copper/Fertilizer Industrial Complex in the Philippines, Ocean Pollution Symposium, Puerto Rico
    • Is Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (DON) More Important than Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen (DIN) in Tropical Coastal Water , Living Coastal Resources Workshop ASTW, Singapore
    • The Circulation Near Luzon, PORSEC Conference, Taiwan
    • The 1991, 1992 and 1993 Pyrodiniu Blooms in Banban Bay, Zambales, Philippines, 6th International Conference on Toxic Marine Phytoplankton Nantes, France
    • The Offshore Physical Environment in the Philippines, Roundtable Discussion on Marine Living Resources U.P. Diliman, Quezon City


    • University of Liverpool, England, Ph.D. in Marine Chemistry, -
    • University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, MS in Oceanography
    • University of San Carlos, Cebu City, B.S. Chemistry


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    • Field and Laboratory Manual on Red Tide Monitoring and Data Management
    • Jacinto, G.S., (1990) Preliminary Assessment of the Marine Environment of Isabel Region, Leyte Water and Sediment
    • Water and Sediment Studies
    • G BENOIT, J SCHWANTES, G JACINTO, M GOUDCOLLINS, (1994) Preliminary study of the redistribution and transformation of HgS from cinnabar mine trailings deposited in Honda Bay, Palawan , Philippines
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    • I. B. Velasquez, G. S. Jacinto, F. S. Valera, (2002) The speciation of dissolved copper, cadmium and zinc in Manila Bay , Philippines
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    • ASEAMS First Genera Assembly & Symposium, 1989 Je 19-23, Sulu Hotel, Quezon City
    • UNEP/COBSEA Workshop on the Analysis of Trace Metals, 1989, Marine Samples, Manila
    • Workshop on Oceanography Research Development, 1989, Manila
    • ASEAN Science & Technology Week, 1989, Manila
    • IOC-SOA Workshop on the Use of Sediments Pollution Research and Monitoring, 1990, China
    • 1st National Symposium on Marine Science, 1990, Pangasinan
    • PACON 90, 4th Pacific Technology, 1990, Tokyo, Japan
    • Marine Pollution Seminar, 1990, Manila
    • 4th Meeting of Experts on the East Asian Seas Action, 1990 D 03-06, Manila
    • WOCE PR-21 Research Cruise, 1990 D 12-18, Taiwan Philippines
    • Energy Transfer and Nutrient, 1991 F 10, Singapore
    • Workshop on PR-21, WOCE, R/V Ocean Researcher, 1991 Jl 05-17, San Fernando, Pampanga
    • Fisheries Sector Program National Research and Development Workshop, 1992, Burea of Soils, Manila
    • Workshop on the use of remote Sensing for Red Tide Studies, 1992, NAMRIA
    • Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 1992 N 08-12, Ohio , U.S.A.
    • Pollution Monitoring Working Group, 1993 N 07-11, Sarawak , Malaysia
    • Cooperative Programme on Marine Science, 1992 F 25-27, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • Living Coastal Resources Workshop, 1992 S 21-30, Singapore
    • Marine Scientist, 1992 S 23, Singapore
    • National Conference, Kapisanan ng mga kimiko sa Pilipinas, 1993 F 24, UP Diliman Metro, Manila
    • National Workshop on Oceanographic R & D, 1993 Mr 17-18, UP Diliman Metro, Manila
    • Workshop Burapha University, 1993 N 13, Chonburi,Thailand
    • Data Collection, Sampling and Sample Analysis Workshop, 1993 Je 21-25, Cebu City
    • Data Collection, Sampling and Sample Analysis Workshop, 1993 O 25-29, Quezon,City