Scientist Profile


Gregorio Y. Zara

National Scientist (1978), NAST Academician

Expertise: Aeronautical Engineering, Alcohol Fuelled Plane, Zara Effect

Dr. Gregorio Zara's important achievements include: the invention of two-way television telephone, electrical kinetic resistance known as the Zara effect, airplane engine using alcohol as fuel which was first flown at the Manila International Airport on September 30, 1954 and solar energy. For his more than 40 research works and 20 outstanding contributions to science, Dr. Zara was well awarded. He was recipient of a Presidential Diploma of Merit and Distinguished Service Medal in 1959 for his pioneering works and achievements in solar energy, aeronautics and television; Presidential Gold Medal and Diploma of Honor for Science and Research in 1966; and Cultural Heritage award for Science Education and Aero Engineering, 1966.


    • Honorary Aeronautical Engineering Society of the Univ. of Michigan, Member
    • Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, New York City, Member
    • Phil. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, Vice-President
    • Phil. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, President
    • American Society for Testing Materials, Member
    • American Management Association, Member
    • Society for International Development, New York, Member
    • American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, Member
    • National Research Council of the Philippines, Member
    • Assoc. of Private technical and Vocational Institutions, President
    • Society of Aeronautical Engineers of the Philippines, President
    • Technology Club of the Phil., President
    • Phil. Council of Science and Technology, President
    • Phil. Assoc. of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Chairman, Aeronautics Division
    • Society of Filipino Inventors, Vice-President
    • Phil. Assoc. of Colleges and Universities, Secretary-Treasurer
    • Aviation Club of the Philippines, Member
    • United Technological Organization of the Philippines, Member
    • Phil. Chamber of Industries, Member


    • Bureau of Public Works, Junior Mechanical Engineer, 1930 - 1932
    • Office of the Secretary of Public Works and Communications, Technical Assistant, 1932 - 1933
    • Dept. of Public Works and Communications, Asst. Chief, 1933 - 1935
    • Dept. of Public Works and Communication, Aeronautical Engineer, 1935 - 1936
    • Dept. of Public Works, Chief Aeronautical Engineer, 1936
    • Bureau of Aeronautics, Dept. of National Defense, Asst. Director and Chief Aeronautical Engineer, 1936 - 1941
    • Dept. of National Defense, Director of Aeronautics, 1945 - 1946
    • Feati, Prof. of Aeronautics, 1946 - 1957
    • Feati Scientific and Manufacturing Corporation, President, 1956 - 1959
    • National Science Development Board, Member, 1958 S - 1961
    • Feati Enterprises, Inc, President and Chairman Board of Directors, 1957 - 1962
    • Feati University, Executive Vice-President and Dean of Engineering and Technology, 1946 - 1962
    • Feati University, Director of Research, 1961 - 1962
    • Feati Industries, Inc, 1st Vice-President and Director, 1956 - 1962
    • Feati University, Head Dept. of Engineering, 1946 - 1962
    • Feati University, Member and Vice-Chairman, 1946 - 1962
    • Feati University, Acting President, 1955
    • Feati Bank & Trust Co., Inc, Director, 1960 - 1962
    • Far Eastern University, Prof. of Aeronautics, 1937 - 1941
    • Aviation Monthly, Technical Editor, 1934 - 1937
    • National Shipyards and Steel Corporation, Member of the Board of Diectors, 1952 - 1953
    • Filipino Educators, Inc, Chairman Board of Directors, 1962
    • National Economic Council, Interdepartamental Committee on Atomic Energy, Member, 1954 - Present


    • Summa Cum Laude, M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, University of Michigan, 1927
    • Magna Cum Laude, D. Sc., University of Paris, 1930
    • 1st Place, Civil Service Examination for Aeronautical Engineers, , 1945
    • Plaque and Diploma of Merit as th Aeronautical Man of the Year, , 1951
    • Business Writers Assoc. of the Philippines, , 1951
    • Diploma of Merit for exhibit of Phil. made propellers, Phil. International Fair, 1952
    • Certificate of Merit as the Propeller Maker of the Year, , 1952
    • Award Committee of the Aviation Week under the auspices of the Civil Aeronautics Administration, , 1952
    • Certidicate of Merit as the Aeronautical Engineer of the Year, , 1953
    • Award Committee of the Aviation Week under the auspices of the Civil Aeronautics Administration, , 1953
    • Diploma of Merit with Gold Medal for his Invention of a device for using alcohol as airplane fuel, The Society of Filipino Inventors, 1955
    • Outstanding contributions to the progress of Aeronautical Science in the Philippines,
    • Award Committee of the Aviation Week under the auspices of the Civil Aeronautics Administration, , 1957
    • Ditinguished Service Medal and Presidential Citation as a pioneer worker, scientist, and inventor , , 1959
    • Palque of Distinction as Scientist Educator of the Year, Phil. Institute of Leadership, 1960
    • Plaque and Diploma of Merit as Most Distinguished Scientist Citizen of 1961, Phil. Institute of Public Opinion and the Phil. institute of Leadership, 1961
    • Plaque of Honor as Most Outstanding Scientist of 1961, The Public Relations and Allied Services, 1961
    • Plaque for the Most Outstanding Aeronautical Engineer of the Year, Phil. Council of Science and Technology, 1961
    • Plaque of Honor for his outstanding contributions to the cause of the safety in Phil. aviation, Air Safety Week Committee of the Philippines, 1961
    • Outstanding and meritorious services for the 25 years to the growth and advancement of aviation, Civil Aeronautics Administration, 1962
    • Outstanding Scientist for Scientific Discoveries and Inventions, Feati University, 1962
    • Certificate of Appreciation, Rizal Centennial Congress Educators, 1961
    • First Prize Cash and Certificate of Merit for Phil. made propellers, National Economic Protectionism Association, 1961
    • First Prize Cash and Certificate of Merit for the TV-telephone, National Economic Protectionism Association, 1962
    • First Prize Cash and Certificate of Merit for the Solar Oven, National Economic Protectionism Association, 1961
    • National Scientist, NAST-DOST, 1978


    • Massachussets Institute of Technology, B.S., 1926
    • University of Michigan, M.S., 1927
    • Sorbonne University, Paris, D. Sc. in Physics, 1930


    • Zara. G.Y., (1926) Temperature entropy diagram of methylchloride for refrigeration machines
    • Cambridge, Massachussets, Institute of Technology
    • Zara, G.Y., (1930) L'etude du compas magnetique & introduction
    • Paris, France
    • Zara, G.Y., (1930) L'etude noyau central de la terre a par moyen de la seismologie
    • Paris, France
    • Zara, G.Y., (1936 Jl) Prediction of airplane performance at a glance
    • Aviation Monthly
    • Zara, G.Y., (1936) The aspect of the Arnais and Calvo Manila-Madrid flight
    • Aviation Monthly
    • Zara, G.Y., (1950 F) Photoelastic stress determination
    • Feati Tech News
    • Zara, G.Y., (1954 D) Industrial alcohol as aircraft fuel
    • Feati Tech News
    • Zara, G.Y., (1954 Mr) The propeller-cutting machine
    • Feati Tech News
    • Zara, G.Y., (1961 O) Visual investigation of supersonic flow
    • Feati University News


    • Survey of administration and technical advancement in American colleges and universities, 1952 Je 18 - 1952 Jl 28
    • Studies on airplane factory system in the United States, 1926
    • Studies on airport, landing field and air navigation facilities in the United States, 1927
    • Studies on system transportation, France,England,Belgium,Italy,Japan,China,Egypt,Java and Germany, 1928 - 1930
    • Conference of Aeronautical Sciences, 1952 Jl, Los Angeles, California
    • International Civil Aviation Organization Facilitation Division Coneferences, 1955 O 27, Manila
    • Eighth Pacific Science Congress, 1953, Quezon City
    • Phil. Panel on Philippines-United Kingdom Air Service Agreement, 1954, Manila
    • Airworthiness Panel, International Civil Aviation Organization, 1955, Paris
    • International Congress on Rizal, 1961, Manila
    • South East Asia Committee on Joint Research, 1962, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia