Scientist Profile


Ma. Cynthia Rose B. Bautista

Sociologist, Outstanding Young Scientist (1988)

Expertise: Social Sciences, Education

Dr. Ma. Cynthia Rose B. Baustita is recognized for important of her researches on agricultural households which have important implications for improving the living standards of the Philippine peasantry and her contributions to the theories of social change. Her study concerning overseas workers has also helped identify the workers’ problems at the place of destination and origin, culminating in the proposed solutions to their problems.


Professor 12, Dept. of Sociology, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines , Diliman, Quezon City


    • Philippine Social Science Council , Chairperson of the Executive Board
    • Philippine Social Science Council , Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board
    • Philippine Sociological Society , Vice-President
    • Philippine Sociological Society , Member
    • National Research Council of the Philippines , Associate Member
    • National Research Council of the Philippines , Regular Member
    • Phi Kappi Phi Honor Society , Member
    • Phi Gamma Mu Honor Society , Member


    • Agrarian Reform in Central Luzon, Project Coordinator, 1990 Ap-1992
    • Department of Sociology, University of the Philippines (UP), Chairperson, 1989 My-1990 Je
    • University of the Philippines, Deputy Director, 1987 Je-1990 Mr
    • Department of Sociology, UP, Associate Professor, 1988 Ja-1991
    • Department of Sociology, UP, Associate Professor I, 1987 Ja-1987 D
    • Department of Sociology, UP, Associate Professor V, 1985 Je-1986 D
    • Department of Sociology, UP, Associate Professor III, 1983 Je-1985 Ja
    • Department of Sociology, UP, Instructor II, 1976 Je-1983 My
    • Department of Sociology, UP, Instructor I, 1974 N-1975 My
    • Department of Rural Sociology, UP, Graduate Research Assistant, 1979 My-1975 My


    • Outstanding Young Scientist (Sociology), National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST)-DOST, 1988
    • Achievement Award, National Resarch Council of the Philippines (NRCP) - DOST, 2003
    • One of Six Outstanding Young Scientist of the Philippines, National Academy of Science and Technology , 1988 Jl
    • Visiting Research Scholar , Department of Sociology , 1988 Ap 1 - 1989 Mr 31
    • Diamond Jubilee Faculty Grant , University of the Philippines (UP), 1983 Je - 1984 Je
    • MEO Graduate School Fellowship , University of Wisconsin, 1982 Je - 1983 My
    • Local Faculty Fellowship , University of the Philippines , 1976
    • University Scholar , University of the Philippines , 1972 O - 1974
    • Insular Life Golden Eagle Award, College of the Holy Spirit , 1970 Mr
    • Dean's Lister , St. Theresa College, Quezon City, 1970 Je - 1972 Mr

Papers Presented

    • The State and the People in the 3rd world: The Experience of Democratizing Nations , Conference on Common Security, Yokohama, Japan
    • Women in Rice Farming System, 7th Annual Meeting of the National Academy of Science and Technology


    • University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, Ph.D. in Sociology, 1983
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, M.S. in Sociology, 1979
    • University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, BA Sociology (Magna cum laude)


    • Bautista, Ma.C.R.B., Randolf, D., (1992 N ) The development og NGO's and the 1992 elections
    • University of Hawaii
    • Bautista, Ma.C.R.B., () Sandbagging: Proctracted struggle against lahar
    • Forthcoming
    • Bautista, Ma.C.R.B., (2001) Facing the millennium: substantive and institutional challenges to the human sciences
    • 25th Anniversary and 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting (Abstracts
    • Bautista, Ma.C.R.B., et. al., (1977 - 1984 ) The Saudi Connection: agrarian change in Pampanga Village
    • University of California Press
    • Bautista, Ma.C.R.B., (1989) Studies of women in terms of Philippine sociocultural dimension
    • In Torres: The Filipino Women in Focus, A Book of Readings. UNESCO Series on Women Studies in Asia and the Pacific
    • Bautista, Ma.C.R.B., (1989 ) Enhancement of household capacity in the postmigration phase
    • A case Study of the Philippines
    • Bautista, Ma,C.R.B., (1987) The teaching of Sociology in the Philippines
    • Philippine Sociological Review
    • Bautista, Ma. C.R.B., (1987) The differential impact of farm technology on men and women
    • Asia Pacific Development Centre
    • Bautista, Ma,C.R.B., (1986 D ) Confronting the double burden; some notes for building organizations for women
    • PSSC Newsletter
    • Bautista, Ma,C.R.B., (1985 Ja-Je ) The economic impact of job employment in the Middle East on workers and their families
    • Philippine Labor Review
    • Bautista, Ma.C.R.B., () Participatory research and academic social science: ome reflections based on shifting methodological positions in sociology
    • Paper Series
    • Bautista, Ma,C.R.B., (1985) Participatory research and academic social science: ome reflections based on shifting methodological positions in sociology
    • Lambat Laya First and Second Quarter
    • Bautista, Ma. C.R.B., () The protest movement and white collar workers of Makati after the Aquino assasination
    • Department of Sociology
    • Bautista, Ma. C.R.B., (1984 ) Marxism and the peasantry: The Philippine case in Marxism in the Philippines, I. Quezon City
    • Third World Studies Center
    • Bautista, Ma,C.R.B., (1983 Jl - D ) Capitalism and the peasantry
    • Philippine Sociological Review Volume 3, No. 3-4
    • Bautista, Ma,C.R.B., (1970 - 1980 ) Demographic changes in Wisconsin
    • University of Wisconsin Madison
    • Bautista, Ma. C.R.B., (1989 Jl ) Overseas Labor Migration outcomes; Determinants of success and failure among selected returnees from the Middle East
    • Hotel Nikko, Manila Garden
    • Bautista, Ma. C.R.B., () Women in Asian and Pacific agriculture: An overview of selected literature on East Asia
    • Asia Pacific Development Centre
    • Bautista, Ma,C.R.B., Salazar, R. , (1989 ) The State of Social Science Graduate Education in the Philippines
    • Philippine Social Science Council
    • Bautista, Ma.C.R.B., (1987 Ap ) Philippine Sociology in the 80's
    • Association of Philippine College of Arts and Science
    • Bautista, Ma.C.R.B., et. al., (1986 ) The odyssey of migrant workers: the Philippine case
    • United Nations University-United Nations Development Programme
    • Bautista, Ma.C.R.B., (1985 My ) Key issues in studies on the impact of technical changes in rice agriculture on rural households in the Philippines
    • Agriculture, Rural Women and Organizations Project


    • A Comparative Analysis of India and the Philippines, 1992 Jl 2, Philippine Social Science Council
    • Alternative Rural Development Strategies, 1992 Jl 22-24, UP - Avamsterdam Project
    • Applied Multidisciplinary Research: Issues, Problems and Prospects, 1992 Jl 24, UP - Avamsterdam Project
    • Issues on Rural Poverty. Yale University Southeast Asian Program and UPCIDS, 1992 Jl 17, Asian Institute of Tourism
    • Roundtable Discussion/Workshop on Parameters and methodologies in the Assessment, 1992 Jl 8, Institute of Agrarian Studies, University of the Philippines, Los Baños
    • The Cultural Context of formation, 1991 F 9-10, Betaña Retreat House, Tagaytay
    • Colloquium on Methods and Techniques for the Study of Treatment Compliance in Leprosy, 1999 O 22-24, Wardha, India
    • Ang Sosyolohiya sa Pilipinas, Symposium on the State of Philippine Sociology, 1990 O 16, Polytechnique University of the Philippines
    • Faith and Politics, 1990 S 14, First Symposium of the Ignatian Jubilee Series, Loyola School of Theology
    • General Assembly of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, 1990 Ap 27, Tagaytay City
    • An Overview of the Research Process, 1990 Ap 24, University of the Philippines, Diliman
    • Ang Sining, Kultura at Lipunan sa Pananaw ng Disiplina ng Sosyolohiya, 1990 Ap 18, University of the Philippines, Diliman
    • Research Findings of the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC) Research, 1990 Ag 26, Philippine Social Science Council
    • 3rd International Philippine Studies Conference, 1989 Jl 12-14, Philippine Social Science Center
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    • Research Workshop, 1985 O 21-27, Eastern Mindanao Research Consortium Philippine Social Science Council
    • Research Agenda Workshop Center for Integrative and Development Studies, 1985 O 2, Asian Institute of Tourism
    • Workshop on Women in Rice Farming Systems in Asia, 1985 S 30, International Rice Research Institute, Los Baños
    • Workshop on International Labor Migration, 1985 Ag 23-24, Philippine Social Science Council
    • Roundtable Discussion on the Methodology, Implied in the Development of a Pilipino Psychology, 1985 Ag 1, Psychology Research House
    • Research Conceptualization Workshop of the Visayas Research Consortium, 1985 Je 2-9, Philippine Social Science Council, Dumaguete City and Cebu City
    • Seminar on Alternative Roles for Social Scientists in People-Based Development, 1985 My 27-31, Social Science Research Council New York. Tagaytay City
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