Scientist Profile


Aida B. Lapis

Expertise: Forest Biological Sciences, Ecology , Land Rehabilitation, Biodiversity Conservation, Research Management, Plant Taxonomy, Non-wood Forest Products Industry

Dr. Aida B. Lapis is recognized for important DOST ‘s newly conferred scientists. Dr. Aida Baja Lapis of the natural resources department (left ) and Dr. Rodel Suralta of PhilRice (right) took oath as Scientist 1at the central office of the Civil Service Commission on December 19, 2012. The oath taking was led by the Philippine Scientific Career Council Chairman and Civil Service Commissioner Francisco T. Duque (middle). The 2006 Merit System for the Scientific Career System constitution and by-laws (CBL) specifies the scientist rank requirements, which include scientific discoveries and inventions or technology, machine, or utility model patents, comprehensive documentation of research accomplishments for the last 10 years.The merit system aims to give credit to researchers devoted to research and development, invention and innovation, science and technology education, training, and services.