Scientist Profile


Emmanuel S. De Dios

Political Economy, Outstanding Publication Award (1997 )

Expertise: International Trade, Economic Theory, Economics, Political economy

Dr. Emmanuel De Dios is recognized for important Emmanuel (“Noel”) S. de Dios is the current president of the Human Development Network and is Oscar M. Lopez Professor at the School of Economics, University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. His research interests include institutions and economic development, political economy, the history of economic thought, international economics, and the theory of individual choice. Some of the work he has authored and edited, alone and with others, has received recognition from the National Academy of Science and Technology (Philippines), the Catholic Mass Media Awards, and the United Nations Development Programme. He is a founding member of the Human Development Network and has been involved in the preparation of all editions of the Philippine Human Development Report from the very first.


Amado V. Hernandez Associate Professor of Economics, School of Economics, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

Director, International Economic Program, University of the Philippines School of Economics, Quezon City


    • Philippine Economic Society, Member
    • Philippine Economic Journal, Editor
    • National Research Council of the Philippines, Associate Member
    • Asian Pacific Economic Literature, Corresponding Editor


    • Office of the Executive Secretary, Republic of the Philippines, Assistant Secretary, 1991
    • Dept. of Economics, UPSE, Chairman, 1989-1991
    • Philippine Center for Policy Studies, Executive Director, 1989-1991
    • Ibon Newsletter, Executive Director, 1989-1991
    • Freedom from Debt Coalition, Trustee, 1989-1991
    • UPSE, Assistant Professor, 1985-1988
    • UPSE, Instructor, 1980-1984


    • A.B. Economics (Cum Laude), University of the Philippines, 1978
    • Konrad-Adenauer Fellowship , , 1987-1988
    • Best Book in English, Catholic Mass Media Awards, 1984
    • Catholic Mass Media Awards (For an analysis of the Philippine Economic Crisis), , 1984
    • Outstanding Young Scientist Award (Economics), NAST-DOST, 1993


    • Ateneo de Manila University, Manila, A.B. (Economics), 1976-1978
    • University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, M.A. (Economics), 1978-1980
    • University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Ph. D. in Economics, 1981-1987
    • Universitat Konstanz, Universitat Konstanz (Germany), Post-doctoral Studies, 1987-1988


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    • De Dios, E.S., (1995) On recent financial flows: causes and consequence
    • in Towards Sustained Growth, Tokyo, Institute of Developing Technologies


    • Changing Shape of Government in the Asia-Pacific Region, 1988 D 12-14, Inst. for Research on Public Policy, Bangkok, Thailand
    • 3rd International Philippine Studies Conference, 1989 Jl 15, Philippine Studies Association, Inc., Quezon City
    • Promoting Inter. Manuf. Comp. and Efficient Resource Utilization in the Southeast Asian Region, 1990 O 15-30, UN ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand
    • Subregional Workshop on Promoting Inter. Comp. in Southeast Asia, China and Vietnam, 1991 My 22-24, UN ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand
    • Cont. of Transnationals to Tech. Transfer with Sp. Ref. to Exp. Pro. Zones and Science Parks, 1992 Mr 27-29, UN ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand