Scientist Profile


Ricardo T. Jose

Outstanding Young Scientist (1987)

Expertise: History, History, Area Study, Military History, Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, Diplomatic History of Asia

Dr. Ricardo Jose is recognized for his outstanding academic achievements and contributions to knowledge specifically the understanding of military history and the Japanese occupation in the country.


Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City


    • Philippine National Historical Society, Lifetime Member
    • Philippine Historical Association, Member
    • Philippine Institute for Military History, Chapter Member
    • Memore Manila 1945 Foundation, Member and Secretary
    • Japan-Southeast Asia Forum, Secretary and Co-Chair
    • Forum for the Survey of Records Concerning the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, Member
    • Southeast Asia Research Group, Japan Institute for International Affairs, Tokyo, Member
    • Association of Southeast Asian History (Tonan Ajia Shi Gakkai), Japan, Member
    • Association of Military History (Guniji Shi Gakkai), Japan, Member


    • Defenders of Bataan And Corregidor, Reseacher, 1977 - 1982
    • Metro Manila Symphony Orchestra, Researcher, 1977 - 1982
    • Uviversity of the Philippines, Research Associate, 1983
    • University of the Philippines , Clark Field, Lecturer, 1981
    • University of the Philippines, San Fernando, Lecturer, 1980 - 1981
    • University of the Philippines Institute of Mass Communication, Senior Lecturer (Journalism), 1979 - 1992
    • Department of History, Lecturer, 1979 - 1988
    • Department of History, Instructor, 1985 - 1992
    • Assistant Professor, Department of History, 1992


    • Research Grant for the project: Production and purification of the 60 RD antigen..., UP Manila, 1998
    • Research Fund for the project: Genetic characterization of rifampicin resistant Myco bacterium..., Essential National Health Research, 1998
    • Research Grant for the project: Diagnosis of tuberculous meningistis using polymerase chain..., Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 1998
    • Dr.Elpidio Gamboa Professorial Chair in Infectious Diseases, UP College of Medicine, 1997
    • Research Grant for the project: Efficacy of Mycobacterium vaccae as as immunotherapeutic agent ...., PCHRD, -
    • Research Grant for the project: Clinical, microbiologic radiologic and pathologic features of....., PCHRD, -
    • 2nd Most Outstanding Research Paper Award, Philippine College of Chest Physician, 1993
    • Research Grant for two projects: Diagnosis of TB meningitis and efficacy of Mycobacterium vaccae..., Astra Foundation for Continuing Medical Research, 1994
    • 2nd Most Outstanding Paper Award: Diagnosis of TB meningitis using ELISA utilizing the 30 RD ...., Dept. of Internal Medicine, UP-PGH, -
    • Most Outstanding Research Paper Award, Philippine College of Physicians, 1993
    • Outstanding Young Scientist Award (History /Area Study), NAST-DOST, 1997


    • A Chapter for Philippine Army Centennial History book [COMPLETED]
    • Editing and annotating Filipino works relating to Filipino socio-political thought during the second world war and Japanese occupation [COMPLETED]
    • Editing and annotating key correspondense of Jose P. Laurel [COMPLETED]
    • Editing and revising my dissertation for publication by U.P. in press [COMPLETED]
    • Editing and revising several of my conference papers for publication in foreign book [COMPLETED]
    • History of the armed forces of the Philippines [COMPLETED]
    • The Japanese Period of the revised Philippine Heritage series [COMPLETED]


    • University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa Japan, Japanese Language and Japanese History, 1987
    • University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City, A.B. History, 1990
    • University if the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City, M.A. History, 1990
    • University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, Japanese Language Intensive Course, March 1990
    • Tokyo University of Foriegn Studies,, Tokyo, Japan, PH.D. History/ Area Studies,, March 1995


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