Scientist Profile


Clara L. Davide

Outstanding Microbiologist Awardee (1999)

Expertise: Microbiology


Adjunct Professor, College of Agriculture, UPLB, College, Laguna

Associate Professor, Dairy and Food Technology, UPLB


    • One of PCARRD's 21 Outstanding Filipino Women Res. Managers and Scientists in Ag and Nat. Resources, DOST-SEARCA-PCARRD Book Project, 2000
    • Outstanding Microbiologist Award, Philippine Society for Microbiology, 1999


    • Temperature and ph sensitivity of milk coagulants from adult carabao, cattleand goat abomasa. [Completed]
    • The quality of adult carabao abomasalextracts as affected by temperature and period of extraction and suitability in Gounda cheese manufacture. [Completed]
    • Characteristics of DTRI-IFS milk coagulant [Completed]
    • Preparation of milk coagulants from adult carabao, cattle and goat abomasa. [Completed]
    • Development, characterization and consumers acceptability testing of value-added and probiotic dairy products. [On-going]
    • Microbial rennet production study.3. Pilot application and product evaluation of the microbial rennet. [On-going]


    • University of San Carlos, Cebu City, BS Pharmacy, 1959
    • University of the Philippineat at Los Ba?os, College, Laguna, MS Microbiology, 1967
    • National University of Ireland, Ireland, PhD Dairy Technology, 1978


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