Sex: Female


  • UPLB, College, Laguna, Ph.D in Agronomy/Agriculture, 1971

Field of Specialization:

Botany, Floriculture, Plant Physiology, Reserarch Management


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Papers Presented:

  • New thinking in school biology., 10th CEAP National Convention Manila
  • Conserving orchid species the Philippine situation., ASEAN Orchid Congress Bangkok, Thailand
  • Agricultural research management in perspective., Research Management Seminar UPLB, College Laguna
  • Agricultural research skills in the Philippines; problems and alternatives., Conference on Agricultural Research Skills Workshop of the Food Institute, East-West Center University of Hawaii, Honolulu
  • Research management and its implications., Research Management Training Course UPLB, College Laguna
  • Research management project; an overview., Agricultural Research Management seminar/Workshop College, Laguna
  • Research process., Malaysian Agricultural Research Management Workshop
  • Agricultural research management project in Asia; a case report., AASA-IDRC, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Effective research manager., Taipei, Taiwan
  • Evaluation of the Asian training course for leader on the public understanding of science, technology and environment, a retrospective., ASIAN Training for PUSTE Manila
  • science adviser as research manager., ASIAN Training for PUSTE Manila
  • Diffusion and utilization of rice farming technologies in the Philippines., APO Study Meeting on Technology Diffusion Among Rice Seoul, Korea