Dr. Tereso A. Abella is recognized for his important contributions in the field of named Outstanding Novo Ecijano for S&T Dr. Tereso A. Abella (BSA '76), director of the Freshwater Aquaculture Center, is this year's recipient of Tanging Alay sa Tanging Anak ng Nueva Ecija sa Larangan ng Agham at Teknolohiya, a prestigious provincial award for outstanding Novo Ecijanos who excel in their fields of endeavor. He received the award during the 108th Anniversary of the First Cry of Nueva Ecija held last September 2, 2004 at the Provincial Convention Center. Dr. Abella has been in the field of Fisheries Science and Technology for more than two decades now. He has made significant contributions in the said field not only in Central Luzon but also in the entire Philippines and Southeast Asia. As a fish geneticist, he was responsible for the initial development of improved strain of Nile tilapia - the FAC Selected Tilapia (FaST) strain. He was among the pool of scientists involved in the development of the Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia (GIFT) strain of Nile tilapia. He was also involved in the development and production of the super male tilapia (YY technology) from which comes the genetically male tilapia (GMT). These improved strains of Nile Tilapia are now being used by tilapia farmers all over the country. Dr. Abella sits as an officer or resource person in various societies and government and non-government bodies that play significant roles in the development of fisheries and aquaculture policies of the country. During his term as dean of the CLSU College of Fisheries for more than eight years, Dr. Abella generated scholarships for fisheries students and his leadership has placed the college as one of the strong colleges in fisheries in the country. His reputation as a scientist in his field has enabled him to receive research grants from various government and international agencies. Among these was a grant from the Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development (PCAMRD) which enabled the establishment of the Living Fish Museum at CLSU. Complementing the Museum is a project on Conservation of Freshwater Fish Biodiversity in the Philippines, funded by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). This project had a significant impact on the conservation of freshwater fishes such as native catfish and giant gourami.

Sex: Male


  • University of Wales Swansea, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom, Doctor of Philosophy (Fish Genetics), 1994
  • Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, United States of America, Master of Science in Biology (Fisheries Biology), 1980
  • Central Luzon State University, Munoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Inland Fisheries), 1976

Field of Specialization:

Fish Genetics and Breeding, Aquaculture



Genetic improvement for high quality tilapia breeders [Completed]

Culture of snakeskinned gourami (Trichogaster pectoralis) in ponds and rice paddies [Completed]

Living fish museum [Completed]

Genetic improvement of tilapia [Completed]

Development of tilapia for saline waters [Completed]

Conservation of freshwater fishes biodiversity in the Philippines [Completed]

Mobilizing the Agricultural Colleges and Universities in accelerating Agriculture and Fisheries Productivity, job generation and income: Commercial Production of FAC Selected Tilapia (FaST) [Completed]

Commercialization of FAC Selected Tilapia (FaST) [Completed]

UNLAD and Technology Commercialization Project [Completed]

Commercialization of Freshwater Aquaculture Center selected tilapia (FaST) [Completed]

Tilapia Breeding and production in the Philippines [Completed]

Papers Presented

Public and Private Partnerships in Tilapia Research and Development: An Overview of Philippine Experience, World Fish Center Conference, Public and Private Partnerships in Aquaculture: A Case Study on Tilapia Research and Development

Role of Public Sector in Dissemination of Tilapia Genetics Research Outputs and Links with Private Sector, Public and private partnerships in aquaculture: a case study on tilapia research and development

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Development of Tilapia for Saline Waters in the Philippines, ISTA 6 Conference Proceedings, Metro Manila, Philippines


  • Recipient, Efficiency Medal, ROTC, 1973
  • Recipient, Leadership Award, CLSU Alumni Association, Inc, 1976
  • IAPMP-USAID Scholarship Grant, IAPMP-USAID, 1978-80
  • Achievement Award, CLSU Alumni Association, Inc, 1994
  • Best Paper Award (Within family selection of Oreochromis niloticus), CLARRDEC, 1988 My
  • Best Paper Award (o Salinity Tolerance of Progenies of Different Crosses of Tilapia), RET-CLSU, 2000 My 19
  • Best Paper Award (Bio-Pesticide from Physic Nut), RET-CLSU, 2006 Je 8
  • Natatanging Anak ng Nueva Ecija Awardee for Science and Technology, 108th Anniversary of the ?Unang Sigaw ng Nueva Ecija, 2004 S 2
  • Distinguished Service Award, Centennial Day Celebration of the Central Luzon State University, 2007 Ap 10
  • CLSU Centennial Most Distinguished Alumnus Award in the field of Science and Technology, Central Luzon State University, Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija, 2007 Ap 12
  • Most Outstanding Professional Award in the field of Fishery, Professional Regulation Commission, 2007 Je 22
  • 2nd place AFMA Research Paper Award, 19th DA-BAR National Research Symposium, 2007 O 6