Sex: Female


  • University of Santo Tomas, Philippines, B.S Chemical Engineering, 1954
  • Far Eastern University, Bachelor of Laws, 1960
  • Tokyo Institute Technology, Master of Engineering, 1962-64
  • University of the Philippines, Public Administration, 1965-66
  • Purdue University, Short Course on Solar Energy, 1981

Field of Specialization:

S & T Policy, Chemical Engineering Entrepreneurship, S & T Human Resource Development, Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Management


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  • Honorary ASEAN Engineer, CAFEO at Myanmar
  • Excellence Award, Philippine Federation of Professional Associations, 2005
  • Founding Fellow of the ASEAN Academy of Engineers and Technologists, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Outstanding Leadership Award, UST Engineering Alumni Association, Inc., 1978 Ap 15